+ hippolytus temporizes (​(​0​-​.

by Dhampyr



This album is dedicated to the New Black Panther Party; the New Yippies; Transsexual Rights Org.; Emma Goldman; Lynette Alice "Squeaky Fromme; & for every disenfranchised, disempartied party in the US today - more to come, mors de-cum Mordelai...may it bless ye yer hearts, this ricochet clock of secondary epistles; may it entangle ye in yer deepest rapture, thy cherry cobweb.
Peace, Love, & Infinite Flowers...


released July 17, 2017

hl. - all instruments, concept, etc., etc.
jt. - vocals on xasthur cover



all rights reserved


Dhampyr Killingly, Connecticut

Dhampyr (2007-2017) was an American black metal band.
Dhampyr (2017-) is an American Christian black metal band with surrealist thematics and so forth. Amen.
Dhampyr is neon Hosanna; Dhampyr is brackish waterflakes; Dhampyr is the illegible sign of SAMSARA; Dhampyr is the peony slop of a dozen faltering gardens. Dhampyr is a riddle for lonesome Sylvias.
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Track Name: i sang for her by a river and she closed her hands over mine and we danced there with the only music being what was in our hearts
We vowed our love under a lonely sky.
We cherished the cobwebs which,
Beneath our skin
Sang our whole being perfectly
Track Name: straitjacket indikha
we blest ourselves with a fool's moon
we confided in a fountain of soiled nectarines
we said:
"do not burn us
we, we have only laid
down a repulsed
seed of
Track Name: nerra nons nuova
there is a bird in the poplars -
it is the sun
the leaves are little yellow fish

-w.c. williams
Track Name: blue watermark ariellynnes
in the worlds of Al-gol there is nigh a feather that hangs ere the dusky clouds' smock of
primrose and beechwater
Track Name: we are all compost in training (ramshackle glory cover)
I want freedom, not a boss that comes in a forty ounce bottle of anything or taped scotch paper

I eat meat and drive trucks and shoot guns and don't trust in the federal government to solve our problems

You might think I'm joking, but I'm not a Republican

Call me when your president pulls out of Afghanistan, because that's the day I'll get a cell phone number, and you can call and leave a message on voice mail that day

I fell asleep smoking so I'd wake up on fire, because that might get me out of bed for a while and back into battle with the things that I breathe, and the holes in my arms, and the way that I think

And if freedom is doing what I want, well that means i gotta know what is, not just what it isn't. So I'll dig up the dirt and I'll throw down some seeds, because the world needs more spinach, not more motherfuckers like me

Motherfuckers like me! Oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh-ooohhh-oh!
Track Name: sitting in this room (gg allin cover)
"w/ my needle and my spoon"
dark &
Track Name: diy orgasms (johnny hobo & the freight trains cover)
I've got my forty ounce and a system to overthrow
No one to worry about, and nowhere to go
I traded in my hope for a hangover and a headache
I'm contemplating rope, but can't tie knots that great

But who needs love? Not me!
Who needs friends? I got me!
Who needs drugs? Me!
Who needs sex? I got me

I got my twenty ounce and front row seats to the parking lot
I'm on the corner now, watching them makeout a lot
And I traded all my pain for all your priceless pillow talk
But I'm not too old enough and I think I care too much

But who needs love? Not me!
Who needs friends? I got me!
Who needs beer? Me!
Who needs sex? I got me